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My Approach

What we do.

Wood Wellness takes a multifaceted approach, exploring every element of your health in order to achieve internal harmony. We identify and target the root cause of your concerns and look at the body holistically, as all systems are intimately intertwined. The key elements of our methodology include nutrient-dense whole foods, movement, stress management, sleep hygiene, social support, herbs, and supplements. We combine the ancient concept that food is medicine with modern research and technology to determine a personalized treatment plan based in science that will yield beneficial results. Our goal is to make you feel your best.

Who we serve.

We specialize in the following health concerns:

  • Digestive issues & gut health

  • Food intolerances & sensitivities

  • Women's health & hormonal imbalances

  • Metabolic conditions

  • Intuitive eating & weight management

  • Sugar handling & food cravings

  • Detoxification 

  • Skin issues

  • Stress & adrenal support

How we work.

The journey toward optimal health is not linear and any results that are achieved overnight are not long-term. Being committed to change and more importantly, being kind to yourself, will contribute to lasting improvements. Although many of us have been conditioned to believe in "magic pills" and fad diets, improvements can take time. For that reason, we encourage individuals to choose a package plan.

Where we're based.

I am based out of Denver, CO, however, I offer HIPAA compliant tele-health, meaning I can provide personalized nutrition services to clients all over the country. As of now, the following states are considered "red" states and do not allow Certified Nutrition Specialists™ to counsel:

  • Montana

  • Wyoming

  • North Dakota

  • South Dakota

  • Nebraska

  • Kansas

  • Iowa

  • Missouri

  • Ohio

  • Tennessee

  • Mississippi

  • Alabama

  • Georgia 

If you have any questions regarding state laws and regulations, please feel free to schedule a discovery call.

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Ready to start your health journey?

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