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Margaret Woodwell, MS, is a functional and integrative nutritionist with a client-centered
approach focused on restoring optimal function through individual nutritional, diet and lifestyle
plans for her clients. She can perform a comprehensive nutritional assessment; plan and
implement nutritional interventions; and monitor and evaluate progress. This consultation may
target specific health needs including weight loss and cleansing programs, provide education
about personalized whole foods and make dietary recommendations, meal plan guidance and
advice and coaching about exercise and lifestyle modifications that support greater health and
function. Recommendations may include the use of nutritional and herbal supplements such as
vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and fatty acids.


Practitioner’s Education
Margaret Woodwell holds a Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland
University of Integrative Health (MUIH).


Medical Disclaimer
Consultations are not a substitute for medical care and do not include diagnosing or treating
disease. Educational consultations in nutrition can serve as an excellent adjunct to a medical
doctor’s treatment and are intended to expand a client’s consideration of available options and to
assist with understanding of and compliance with any medical care recommendations a client
may be receiving as well as assist in the use of natural means to support health.
No aspect of a consultation should be understood as a basis to avoid any diagnostic work-up or
avoid, alter or discontinue any medical treatment. Clients should follow-up with their physician
to discuss modifications they intend to make to their health protocols or to change protocols as
necessary. In appropriate cases, Ms. Woodwell may make suggestions for nutraceuticals, including
herbal remedies to support wellness or help with symptoms of self-limiting conditions such as
headaches or digestive distress that have received any necessary evaluation by a physician.


Risks/Supplement Safety
While herbs and botanical products are generally available over-the-counter and considered safe
based upon their long history of use, many of them have not been widely tested. The historical
record and modern research indicate that herbs and supplements most often used to support

health have a good safety record. Similarly, confirmed cases of herb, nutrient and drug
interactions are rare though these risks are not entirely understood. Herb, nutrient and drug
interactions can occur. While your practitioner will make an effort to assist you in avoiding
potential interactions and avoid herbs or nutrients that may interact with drugs, research is still
emerging and there may be unknown interactions. Adverse events can occur after using any
active substance, including an allergic response. Negative reactions to natural remedies may
include rare allergic reactions, including headaches, itching, hives, difficulty breathing, and very
rarely, even shock or death. While unlikely, clients choosing to take products could have an
adverse reaction or experience a reduction or increase in the effect of medications. This can have
serious consequences for some medications, such as for the control of high blood pressure, blood
sugar or control of bleeding/clotting. Clients should let their physician know what herbs or other
dietary supplements they are taking, particularly prior to surgery or other procedures. Clients
should discuss any concerns with Ms. Woodwell and his or her physician as appropriate about any
adverse effects or reactions.


Managing Risk
To reduce risk, it is imperative that not only disclose all medications, supplements and herbs
currently in use to your practitioners but also any liver or kidney disease (past or present), or
allergies. It is important to stay within recommended dosages. Any side effects or suspected
supplement/ drug interactions should be reported directly to all health professionals involved. It
is also advisable to stop taking herbs and supplements seven (7) days before and after a surgical
procedure and/or in the event of being prescribed a new medication. If you plan to begin or add
to an exercise regimen, you should obtain medical clearance from your physician.


Notice to Pregnant Women: All female clients must alert Ms. Woodwell if they are pregnant or
breastfeeding or suspect they could become pregnant to enhance the safety of any lifestyle
changes, nutritional and herbal product recommendations and to allow any appropriate referrals
to be considered.

No Guarantees: Like any effort to improve health, consulting is an art as well as a science. No
guarantees are made that a client will gain any benefit or not suffer any adverse consequences.
Like many interventions, some nutritional and natural remedies may not have not been subjected
to rigorous scientific study and there are wide individual differences in responses to these

Important Insurance Notice: Ms. Woodwell's nutrition services are not health care services and are
not reimbursed by insurance, Medicare nor any other third-party payor. Payment in full is
required at each visit. Clients agree not to submit claims for these services and that they are
responsible for payment even if an effort is made to obtain reimbursement that is denied, whether
because services are “non-covered” or “not medically necessary.”

Please note if you have Medicare or other medical insurance you may be eligible for limited
covered nutrition services if you work with a participating or non-participating provider. Ms.
Woodwell is not a Medicare provider and there is no potential for reimbursement from Medicare for

her services.

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